Why NASCAR’s Kulwicki continues to impact alma mater

A new, 5-minute bio of Alan Kulwicki, by Fox6 News, provides a look at the grit and determination of one of the college’s most celebrated graduates–and why he continues to make an impact at his alma mater.

Milwaukee-area native Alan Kulwicki (’77 BS Mechanical Engineering) turned his dream into a reality. He was the first college graduate to win a NASCAR championship and was publicly proud of his engineering degree; he considered it essential to his success in auto racing.

Kulwicki was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2019, 26 years after his death in a plane accident.

For years, UWM’s College of Engineering & Applied Science has honored the NASCAR legend as the Kulwicki Pit Stop. Today, the inviting area on the first floor of the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building is being renovated as the Kulwicki Garage, a “thinkerspace,” ear-marked as a public meeting space and non-traditional classroom.

“We want our students to kind of embody this spirit of having an idea, having something to engineer, but also having a way to finance it, finding a way to run with it,” Ilya Avdeev, associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of innovation, Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, told Fox6 News.

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