What are microgrids and why are they gaining momentum?

U.S. residents experience more minutes of power outages than people in other developed nations. Outages can impose safety concerns, inconvenience and economic loss.

Microgrids are part of the solution, as they rely on locally-generated power and can even store green energy. They operate for a limited area and are already used in some contained communities including U.S. military bases, U.S. naval vessels, and at least one U.S. prison. Someday, microgrids could power office buildings, industrial parks, neighborhoods and cities.

To explain microgrids, Rob Cuzner, associate professor, electrical engineering, and Adel Nasiri, professor, electrical engineering, were guests on UWM Today on Jan. 16. On the episode, “Meet Two UWM Experts Who Are Developing Microgrids,” they discuss the U.S. power grid’s current challenges, the future of microgrids and why they are gaining momentum.

Listen here.