UWM research aims to contribute to the next 50 years of space exploration

On the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon, this feature article looks at some of the work being done today in UWM labs that has the potential to make space exploration safer and transport space travelers even farther.

UWM’s College of Engineering & Applied Science faculty and students are conducting research to advance the reusability of rocket stages, stabilize combustion to make space travel safer, develop self-healing metal matrix composites that could repair cracks and other damage in a spacecraft, and more.

Featured is the research of the following faculty members and doctoral students:

Rani Elhajjar, associate professor of civil engineering (pictured, right)

Chiu Law, associate professor of electrical engineering (pictured, left)

Krishna Pillai, professor of mechanical engineering

Pradeep Rohatgi, distinguished professor of materials engineering

Nathan Salowitz, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Amin Zarandi, engineering doctoral student

Dawid Zimnik, visiting doctoral student.