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What is UWM Gives to UWM?

UWM Gives to UWM is a campaign that started on July 1, 2016, inviting Engineering faculty, staff and emeritus (not students) to support the college financially. We appreciate your time and talent. Now, it’s time for the treasure!Check out the latest video here!

Paul McNally highlights why he enjoys the UWM Gives to UWM program at Donut Day

John Reisel discusses the benefits of the UWM Gives to UWM program

Paul Klajbor gives to help the College achieve its goals

Jean Opitz, UWM Gives to UWM Highlights

2017 Engineering & Applied Science Volunteer Ambassadors (You will meet a new one each week!)
llya Avdeev
John Boyland
Ben Church
Paul Klajbor
John Reisel
Anonymous Ambassador

Give a Gift
Give a Gift — Get a Donut!
Friday, April 21 is Donut Day
 for Engineering
Who: All Faculty, Staff and Emeritus
Where: In Student Services on the 3rd Floor
When: 8 – 10 a.m.
Support your favorite program in the College!

What you get for giving — RECOGNITION AND FREE STUFF!
– Each week, all donors will be acknowledged in our Engineering UWM Gives to UWM newsletter. The earlier you give in the campaign, the more recognition you will receive.
– Every week, all donors will be entered into a weekly drawing at the Grind.
– Every person who gives will be entered for the chance to win a FREE week of parking in the EMS Building, courtesy of Dean Brett Peters.

How to Give
Make a Gift Online
 Make a Payroll Deduction
– Engineering Funds
– Drop Box: A UWM Gives Drop Box has been placed in the fifth floor CEAS office for those who wish to write a check and use a paper pledge form

Our Generous Donors
Dr. Robert Balmer
Ms. Christine M. Beimborn
Dr. Edward A Beimborn
Dr. John T. Boyland
Ms. Carolyn A. Bucior
Dr. Junhong Chen
Dr. Chrstine C. Cheng
Prof. Erik R. Christensen
Dr. Benjamin C. Church
Ms. Tina E. Current
Dr. Verne C. Cutler
Dr. Robert M. Cuzner
Dr. Alan J. Horowitz
Dr. Seyed H. Hosseini
Mr. James H. Hunter, III
Mrs. Jennie Klumpp
Dr. Robert J. Krueger
Dr. Chiu-Tai Law
Dr. Leonard P. Levine
Ms. Jane Martell
Ms. Lisa J. McGovern
Mr. Paul McNally
Dr. Ethan V. Munson
Ms. Sandra Nichols
Mr. Adam W. Nowaczyk
Dr. John N. Ong
Ms. Jean F. Opitz
Ms. Julianne L. Pickering
Dr. Marjorie P. Piechowski
Dr. John Reisel
Dr. Gilbert L. Roderick
Dr. Donald R. Sherman, P.E.
Mr. Daniel C. Siercks
Dr. Konstantin Sobolev
Dr. Habib Tabatabai
K. Vairavan
Mr. Kenneth H. Voigt
Dr. Stanley Weiss
Dr. David C. Yu
Dr. Jian Zhao

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