UWM Associate Professor Receives Praise from Students

At the heart of every great university are great teachers who go above and beyond to ensure their students grasp every bit of new knowledge possible.

One of those teachers derives straight from the College of Engineering & Applied Science. Dr. Benjamin Church, associate professor of materials science and engineering, has received high praise from his students.


Dr. Church with student Nisrit Pandey.

“Working with Dr. Benjamin Church has allowed me to go beyond solving differential equations in my classes as I can actually apply my theoretical skills,” said engineering student Nisrit Pandey.

Pandey also noted how Church goes the extra mile in making sure his students are learning in a comfortable manner. By doing that, he paves the way for more great accomplishments to be made.

“He has been an amazing mentor,” said Pandey. “He truly wants his students to succeed.”

Church instills the same drive and motivation that pushed him to his current accolades in his students. It takes loads of hard work and time for one to gain a stature similar to his, but he strives in replicating it with those he teaches.

“His passion and love for the field of materials science is inspirational,” said Pandey.