TRANSPORTATION:  Responding to Emerging Transportation Needs & Developments through Industry/Government/University Partnerships

Sponsored by UWM Institute for Physical Infrastructure & Transportation (IPIT)

Panel Summary:

The panelists will discuss:

  • Planning, design, construction, and operation of roads and highways in 10-25 years,
  • Cost implications implication as infrastructure responsibilities shift among levels of government, geographic regions, and the private sector,
  • The effect of new technologies on the cost of travel for ordinary travelers and industry,
  • The most significant regional transportation issues and opportunities relative to transportation infrastructure systems, and
  • Steps to be taken to make industry/government/university collaboration more effective.
Al Ghorbanpoor

Al Ghorbanpoor, PhD (Panel Moderator)

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, director of IPIT, UW-Milwaukee

Joe Nestler

P.E., WisDOT Chief Engineer and Administrator of the Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD)


Xiao Qin, PhD

Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UW-Milwaukee


Peter Rafferty

Senior Project Manager, Gannett Fleming


Craig Rigby

Vice President, Technology, Power Solutions, Johnson Controls

Tom Watson

Technical Fellow, Tenneco., SAE Fellow