Thomas F. Kuech, National Science Foundation, Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation, Materials Engineering and Processing, Shoemaker Professor of Chemical Engineering and UW-Foundation Chair Beckwith-Bascom Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Presenting: Opportunities in Materials at NSF

The National Science Foundation envisions a nation that capitalizes on new concepts in science and engineering and provides global leadership in advancing research and education. The Engineering Directorate of the NSF meets this vision by investing in engineering research and education and fostering innovations for benefit to society. The engineering research funding has enriched our understanding of natural systems, enhanced electronics, fortified the nation’s infrastructure and introduced the exciting possibilities of engineering to the next generation. This presentation will present some of the programs and funding opportunities at NSF for research, education, business-university joint programs, and major center initiatives.

Speaker Profile

Thomas F. Kuech

Thomas F. Kuech is the Shoemaker Professor of Chemical Engineering and the UW-Beckwith University Chaired Professor. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, IEEE and AAAS. He has received several honors including a Humboldt Research Award, several named lectureships, the American Institute of Chemical Engineering Stine Award, and is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong. His research has focused on the study of the chemical and physical processes underlying the synthesis of semiconductor materials and structures. He is presently a program director at the national Science Foundation in the Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation assisting in the Materials Engineering and Processing program.