Students present research at international conference

Undergraduate engineering students Philip Van Asten, Alissa Shortreed and Anthony Pierson (left to right) presented their research at the 2019 Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics Symposium at the University of Padova, Italy, September 9-11.

Working in the Makerspace in collaboration with Andrew Dressel, PhD, director of the college’s Bicycle & Motorcycle Engineering Research Lab, the students last year developed and raced a prototype for a patent-pending human-powered vehicle for people who are unable to ride traditional upright bicycles. Dressel says this includes those with joint and nerve damage.

This year, the students, who members of the ASME HPVC (Human Powered Vehicle Challenge) student chapter at UWM, are building a new vehicle and working with the UWM Foundation to protect and commercialize the intellectual property.

For more about the conference and the team’s work, click here.