Student Startup Challenge

The Student Startup Challenge program leverages our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem of students, faculty and staff.

The program consists of five stages, each with varying kinds of support, monetary and otherwise:

Stage 1: Building a team
Stage 2: Identifying Opportunity
Stage 3: Generating Ideas
Stage 4: Customer Discovery (LeanLaunch)
Stage 5: Developing and testing proof-of-concept product or prototype

You will be able to plug into the program at any stage. All will be eligible for support that will progressively grow from one stage to the next.

The Student Startup Challenge (SSC) turns student ideas into reality. The SSC fosters UWM’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking through creativity and deadline-oriented projects. Students and recent alums are given time and space to shape their ideas, take risks, develop networks and tell their stories to a broader community. The SSC bridges the gap between that first passionate idea and its realization.

Past innovators have included consumer products such as ice skates or swim goggles that speed up professional athletes, apps that help students gain their degrees faster, grade school kids having fun learning math, and more.

Submit your idea today.