Student spotlight: Materials Science senior Hannah Ullberg

Hannah Ullberg

Undergraduate materials science senior Hannah Ullberg has had a fantastic experience at UWM, where she helped research low-cost foam that holds potential applications in biomedical engineering and transportation.

Ullberg won the college’s 2021 poster competition and was one of 15 undergraduates campus-wide to win an Outstanding Presentation award at the 2021 UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium.

In addition, the American Foundry Society’s Modern Casting magazine published an article (Cast Magnesium Foam for Energy Absorption for Bone Regrowth) she co-authored with Pradeep Rohatgi, UWM distinguished professor, materials science & engineering, Kaustubh Rane, graduate student and Amir Kordijazi, graduate student.

“I love being part of the metal casting program at UWM because it provides me with hands-on work experience,” Ullberg told the Foundry Education Foundation “I have also had the opportunity to network with industry professionals, which I really appreciate.”

Ullberg has accepted a job at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, starting January 2022, and will be working with ceramic-matrix composites for aircraft engines.

Congratulations, Hannah!