Center Profile

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Center for By-Products Utilization (UWM-CBU) was authorized by UWM in September 1988 and started operation in January 1989. The Center is a part of the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) at UWM. The UWM-CBU office and laboratory facilities are provided by the Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics and the CEAS. They are located on the UWM campus in the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) Building.

UWM-CBU’s mission is to perform research and develop practical information for the beneficial recycling of presently discarded materials from industrial, commercial, and public sector operations. This includes, but is not limited to ash from combustion of coal, petroleum coke, wood, sawdust, bio-mass, etc.; foundry slag, used foundry sand, and bag-house dust; pulp and paper mill de-ink solids and primary clarifier sludge, grits and dregs, lumber industry waste, limestone quarry fines, used tires, as well as plastics, glass, gypsum drywall, and other post-consumer wastes.

The Center has a highly qualified staff with many years of experience in applications of using by-products in construction materials and other products. The Center has the support of Affiliated Faculty from many other departments on the UWM campus in many varieties of disciplines, which are complimentary to the basic capabilities of the Center’s primary staff.

The Center is fulfilling its teaching and training functions by working with undergraduate and graduate students, thereby disseminating its available information to as many future engineers and scientists as possible. In addition to working with sponsors and others, the Center is in contact with governmental agencies, industry associations, technical and professional engineering committees, and other organizations for the purpose of mutual exchange of information and assistance.

The UWM Center for By-Products Utilization has sponsored or co-sponsored many workshops to fulfill its goal of technology transfer. Since 1989, over 65 workshops, symposiums, and lectures have been sponsored by the Center on coal ash recycling, used foundry sand recycling, flowable slurry, non-destructive testing, roller compacted concrete, many other topics. Over 2,000 people have attended workshops sponsored by the Center. Attendees have been not only from North America but also from overseas. These include representatives of government, education, consultants, contractors, and industry.

The UWM Center for By-Products Utilization was established with a generous grant from Dairyland Power Cooperative, Lacrosse, Wisconsin; Madison Gas and Electric Company, Madison, Wisconsin; National Minerals Corporation, St. Paul, Minnesota; Northern States Power Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin; We Energies, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Wisconsin Power and Light Company, Madison, Wisconsin; and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, Green Bay, Wisconsin.