Judges: Help Us Celebrate a Decade of Discoveries!

Your participation assures that our students receive industry-relevant feedback on their work and presentation skills. A few hours of your time will make a significant impact on our future Milwaukee Engineers. Your networking opportunities are great–over breakfast and lunch, too. We look forward to you joining us.

Register here. 

How is judging done? Posters will be scored on three criteria:

  • Research – up to 50 points
    • Research is original and innovative
    • Research has practical implications /research is relevant to current industry needs
    • Research methodology is sound (e.g., research process, data quantity is sufficient)
    • The result/conclusion of the research is clear and easy to understand
  • Communication – up to 30 points
    • Student clearly explains project, including initial problem or question, the process, and the result/conclusion
    • Student is able to explain the research in a way that is easily understood by those outside the subject area or without the specific technical expertise
    • Student is able to sufficiently answer questions posed to him/her about the research
    • Student speaks at an appropriate volume and pace
    • Student is engaged in the conversation about his/her research
  • Quality of the Poster Appearance – up to 20 points
    • Research is displayed in a logical way
    • Data is displayed in such a way that lends itself to clear interpretation
    • Pictures, digital images and graphs are of a high quality