Devarajan Venugopalan Ph.D.

Assoc Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs


  • Ph.D., Metallurgy, McMaster University, 1983
  • M.Eng., Metallurgy, McMaster University, 1977
  • B.Tech., Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Technology, 1975

Research Focus:

•             Heat treatment.•             Corrosion.

•             Metal casting.

•             Welding.

•             Manufacturing processes.

•             Phase transformation - thermodynamics and kinetics.

•             Materials selection.


  • Achary, J., and Venugopalan, D. Microstructural development and austempering kinetics of ductile iron during thermomechanical processing, Met Trans A, v31, n10, p 2575-2585, 2000.
  • Thermal Expansion of Cast Invar Alloys, D. Venugopalan and S. Sahu, Transactions AFS, v. 105, pp. 670-675, 1998.
  • Differential Thermal Analysis of Reaction of Al with Fly Ash During Synthesis of Al-Fly Ash Composites, R. Guo, D. Venugopalan and P.K. Rohatgi, Materials Sci. and Eng., v. A241, pp. 184-190, 1998