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Madiha Ahmed
  • Teaching Faculty 1, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Hanaa Alqam
  • Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
  • Advisor, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Jay Bayne
  • Adjunct Professor, Computer Science
Beller, Daniel
  • Teaching Faculty 3, Engineering & Applied Science Office of the Dean
Clayton Cloutier
  • Adjunct Instructor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Farrah, Mustafa
  • Teaching Faculty 3, Electrical Engineering
Jeffrey Kautzer
  • Adjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Executive Chief Electrical Engineer, GM Imaging Hardware Platforms, GE Healthcare
Lindfors, Michael
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Bruce Ramme
  • Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Associate Director, Center for By-Products Utilization
Rezaei, Hamed
  • Adjunct Professor, Computer Science
Ruben Rivera
  • Academic Staff, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rock, Jayson
  • Teaching Faculty 3, Computer Science
  • Web Development Certificate Coordinator