Building Strong Grant Proposals

The competition for sponsored research funding is intense.  Agencies like the National Science Foundation can receive 5,000 proposals for a program that provides only three awards. To help find the right grant opportunities for your research and to develop strong proposals with a competitive edge, we offer the following services:

Identifying Grant Opportunities

  • Identification and notification of funding opportunities
  • Funding searches for individual or collaborative projects
  • Database of faculty research interests

Assisting With Proposals

  • Interpreting agency guidelines
  • Communicating with funding agencies
  • Coordinating large, multidisciplinary or collaborative projects
  • Developing budgets and budget narratives
  • Preparing recurring proposal information (institution, college, individual)
  • Reviewing and editing of proposal narratives, project summaries, and other components
  • Coordinating the follow-up, revision and resubmission of unfunded proposals
  • Offering assistance and guidance with internal grant applications
  • Providing advice and assistance with compliance and regulatory issues