Nosonovsky Published in ASME’s Flagship Magazine

Congratulations to Michael Nosonovsky, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, whose article “Beyond the Sticking Point”—about how modern theories of friction can help engineers—was the cover story of the March issue of ASME’s Mechanical Engineering magazine.

The flagship magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers reaches more than 160,000 engineers in 150 countries.

His article starts with a recap of a problem faced by Toyota.

“It was a clever solution to a modern problem. Automotive engineers at Toyota realized that their new electronic accelerator pedals didn’t provide the kind of tactile feedback that old mechanical pedals did. That missing tactile response made it hard for drivers to maintain the pedal position. So accelerator pedals for Toyota cars at the end of the last decade were designed with a plastic friction device to simulate the mechanical response of older pedals. Problem solved.

“Except that the engineers hadn’t properly modeled the friction.”

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