Biomimetic Surfaces and Materials for Water-Related Applications

Michael Nosonovsky, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Friday, May 6th
3:55- 4:15 pm
Room 7970

Presentation Synopsis

Michael Nosonovsky

Michael Nosonovsky, Ph.D.

Biomimetic materials and surfaces have been investigated actively in recent years, including the Lotus-effect, gecko-effect, shark-skin effect and many other effects which are based on the observations of multiscale surface organization in living nature leading to desired functionality, such as low / high / controlled adhesion, non-wetting, or self-cleaning. Recent developments in the area of functional biomimetic surfaces, including novel superhydrophobic, icephobic, oleophobic, self-cleaning, and self-healing materials, such as metallic composites and concrete, will be discussed, as well as potential applications to fresh water industry, energy, and sustainability.

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