Northwestern Mutual, UWM, Marquette University Join Forces to Create Data Science Institute

Applications in engineering, computer science include cancer treatment, chronic pain, addiction

Big data. On the one hand, it’s information overload. On the other, it’s gold in the quest for faster, smarter tools that can be applied to automation, medical and healthcare decision-making and more.

Zeyun Yu, pictured with graduate student Reihaneh Rostami.

UWM is poised to make a bigger commitment to big data with the establishment of the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute. Northwestern Mutual and its foundation will contribute $12.5 million, while UWM and Marquette University will each contribute in kind and fundraising of $11.25 million over the next five years.

This June 21 news announcement about the institute shows how faculty and students at the College of Engineering & Applied Science benefit from using data science in their work.

Zeyun Yu, Associate Professor, Computer Science, and Reihaneh Rostami, doctoral student, Computer Science, use data science in their quest to provide surgeons with more information about tumors, such as how the tumor changes over time.

Susan McRoy, Professor, Computer Science, applies machine learning methods to identify unmet information needs so that health care practitioners can improve communication with their patients. She has recently begun applying data science to deciphering forum participants’ intent, feelings and perceptions about treatment for chronic pain and the prevention of addiction.

Susan McRoy, pictured with computer science student Catelyn Scholl.

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