Making a Bigger Splash: Transforming Water Infrastructures by Developing Smart and Resilient Urban Water Systems

With over 200 water technology businesses and a location on Lake Michigan, Milwaukee was recognized by the United Nations as an international hub for water research and technology. UWM leads these efforts: interdisciplinary researchers have tremendous expertise and influence on the future of fresh water.

Join panel moderator Qian Liao, associate professor, civil & environmental engineering, as he leads a discussion on innovation in the water sphere, featuring the ways advanced technologies can impact the water lifecycle, from supply to waste and stormwater treatment through management of impact on aquatic ecosystems.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Scientist Jeff Yang will frame the discussion with a brief overview presentation; panelists will discuss the ways collaborative research can transform the water infrastructure. These include new treatment technologies, lower-cost, lower-energy and lower- maintenance sensors, software algorithms and models and cybersecurity.

It all begins with effective communication between academia, industrial partners, members of the public and NGO stakeholders as they work to identify realistic issues and opportunities.


Moderator: Dr. Qian Liao

Dr. Qian Liao,associate professor, civil & environmental engineering




Jin Li Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering, UWM
Xiaoli Ma Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering, UWM
Matt Magruder Environmental Research ManagerMilwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Marcia Silva Assoc. Scientist and Director – UWM Water Technology Accelerator (WaTA)
Yin Wang Assistant Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering, UWM