It’s a Material World: Innovations From Nanometers to Many Meters

From new materials on the nanometer scale to concrete bridges large enough to span Milwaukee’s lakefront, the session will focus on new technologies across the materials science spectrum. Topics covered will include sensors and energy storage, concrete and castings, with focus on academic and industry perspectives.


Moderator: Dr. Ben Church

Dr. Church joined the UWM faculty after working for Modine Manufacturing in Racine, WI, as a technical advisor in the metallurgical lab. His real-world experience brings energy to his research interests. He is currently working on high-temperature corrosion of materials used in petrochemical processing applications, with a focus on oxidation in steam and resistance to coking and carbon attack. This project is in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Duraloy, and MetalTek International and aims to develop cast alumina-forming austenitic stainless steels for this and other applications.



Xiaoli Ma Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering, UWM
Junjie Niu Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering, UWM
Vikas Saraf Director of Engineering and Technology, ATI Forged Products