Data Science: Advances and Opportunities, Including Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Security, Business Analytics and Real-Time Applications

This panel discussion will provide insights regarding recent advances and future directions of data science, with a focus on applications in applied science and engineering. A diverse group of data scientists from academia and industry will share their experiences and discuss such topics as machine learning, cloud computing, data security, business analytics, and several applications of data science in industry. You will get a chance to exchange ideas with the speakers and learn how you can participate in funding research and building collaboration in this rapidly emerging field. Students will learn how to build their careers in data science and also about skills needed to become a successful data engineer/scientist. This panel discussion is the first of its kind at MERC meetings and we hope that you will be able to participate and share your opinions in this emerging area.

Co-Moderator: Dr. Purushottam Papatla

Dr. Papatla is the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute Professor of Marketing and co-director of Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute. He received his PhD from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Dr. Papatla uses social media with Bayesian and Big Data methods to study consumer and individual behaviors.



Co-Moderator: Dr. Zeyun Yu

Dr. Yu is an associate professor in Computer Science at UWM and the director of the Big Data Analytics and Visualization Laboratory. He received his PhD in Computer Science from University of Texas-Austin. Dr. Yu’s research spans from big data, machine learning, to scientific computing and visualization, with a focus on medical applications.



Keri McConnell Director of the Northwestern Mutual Date Science Institute
Wilkistar Otieno Associate Professor and Department Chair of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, UWM
Kimberly Rice Senior Data Scientist, FedEx
Inna Schimmel Engineering and Data Scientist, Schneider National
Tian Zhao Associate Professor of Computer Science, UWM