Local transportation: Gottlieb assists Wisconsin Policy Forum in study of state’s funding for municipal projects

Mark Gottlieb, associate director of the Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation, will assist the Wisconsin Policy Forum (WPF)—a nonpartisan, independent statewide policy research organization— on a $31,000, six-month project to examine the allocation methods of the state’s General Transportation Aids (GTA) program. IPIT’s share is $15,000.

Currently, 31% of Wisconsin’s transportation budget goes to programs that address local highways, streets, bridges, and transit systems. The largest such program is GTA, which in the current fiscal year accounts for $505.7 million in appropriations to municipalities to address local highway and road needs including construction, filling potholes, plowing, and curb and gutter repairs.

The WPF project will analyze GTA distribution allocation trends, compare them with peer states, create a system-level planning tool, and offer recommendations.