New Grant Continues UWM’s Leadership in Student Transit Pass Programs

Jie Yu, assistant professor, civil engineering, received a $45,000 grant to study college student transit pass programs in North American cities. The grant was awarded by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Transportation Research Board’s Transit Cooperative Research Program. TCRP is the principal means by which the transit industry can develop innovative near-term solutions to meet demands placed on it.

Jie Lu will work to further UWM's transit system (PHOTO: Carolyn Bucior).

Jie Lu will work to further UWM’s transit system.

Yu, who will be P.I. (principal investigator) on this project, will work with Edward Beimborn, professor emeritus, civil & environmental engineering, to identify the relationships established between transit systems and universities and colleges; they also will gather and synthesize information on various funding, fares, operating structures and student demographics. 

UWM has a history of making transportation options available for students, including UPASS and, most recently, UWM Bublr Pass. This grant indicates national recognition of UWM’s expertise in public transportation.

For more information on what will be researched, click here.