1. What are the application deadlines?
While we have “rolling applications,” we recommend the following deadlines to assure a timely response for the requested semester, especially for international applicants:

Fall Semester – April 1st
Spring Semester – September 1st

These deadlines are independent of any funding or support that a department (major area) may offer an applicant.

2. How do I apply?
Apply online directly to the Graduate School. Send one official copy of transcripts from all institutions that you attended to:
UWM Graduate School
P.O. Box 340
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0340

3. What is required?
Reasons for Graduate Study Statement. In your statement, be sure to include your name and the program to which you are applying as a heading. Be precise. Explain your reasons for pursuing graduate study; describe specific interests and your background in the field, list any relevant skills or training you have acquired, and list relevant academic awards or honors you have received.

Unofficial Transcript: You may submit unofficial transcripts during the application process. Official transcripts are required within two weeks of enrollment.

A $75.00 non-refundable application fee.

Letters of Recommendation. These are not required but may be submitted for MS applicants. Two letters are required for Ph.D. applicants. Letters should be academic or professional in nature, not personal, and should address your ability to do graduate work. Recommendations may be included with application materials or submitted directly to:
University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
College of Engineering & Applied Science
Graduate Program Office- E379
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0742

4. What about international students?
International students can find more information by visiting the Center for International Education.

5. Can TOEFL/IELTS be waived for international students? That will depend on what school(s) you have attended prior to applying. UWM International evaluators/advisors are knowledgeable about which foreign schools have English as the official language of instruction and will automatically waive the requirement when reviewing an application.

6. Are GRE scores required? What are acceptable scores?
Completion of the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) is required for all domestic and international applicants except for those applying to the MS in Computer Science, for which the GRE is recommended but not required. Excellent scores may enhance your application. A GRE / Quantitative score of 155.0 or better is what our faculty would like to see from applicants. Have test results sent to UWM using code 1473, submit a copy to the College of Engineering & Applied Science Graduate Programs Office or include a copy with application documents.

7. How do I check my application status?
Activate your Panther account to receive your ePantherID. You will need your UWM campus ID#: xxx-xx-xxxx. To check the status of your application online go to the main UWM website and click “PAWS,” below the yellow bar at the top of the page. Please note: your PAWS account may not be accessible for 24 hours after applying.

You will use your PAWS account the entire time you are a student at UWM, so write down your ePantherID and password in a safe place so you can remember it later. Once you have logged into you PAWS account, look for the To-Do List on the right-hand side. These are the application items that we have not received. When they disappear from your list, you know we have received them.

8. I’ve been admitted – now what?

As indicated in your recommendation letter from the College, discuss getting started with your advisor.

Program of Study (PoS): A Program of Study form is a guideline to ensure that a student is on track to successfully complete a masters (or Ph.D.) and meet the degree requirements. PoS is typically submitted within the first year of enrollment.

MS Program of Study

  • Thesis Option- 24 credits of coursework. 6 credits of Thesis
  • Of the 24 credits, 15 must be 700-level or higher (thesis credits are not part this of 15 credit requirement)
  • Three credit Graduate Seminar (xxx700) is required and recommended in the first semester of your program.
  • Non-Thesis Option- 31 credits of coursework
  • Of the 31 credits—16 must be 700-level or higher
  • One credit Graduate Seminar (xxx700) is required and recommended in the first semester of your program (may be taken for three credits).
  • Deficiency courses are not included as part of the minimum credit requirement. Only U/G and G courses count toward the program.
  • Only one 3-credit independent study is allowed for MS program.
  • If a Masters student is transferring in credits from another institution, or has taken UWM courses as NDC (Non-Degree Candidate), credits require approval from Graduate School using the Transfer of Credit Evaluation Form (TCE).
  • Credits earned in a bachelor’s degree Program are not allowed to be transferred into a MS program. (The only exceptions are the approved credits completed as part of the integrated BS-MS.)

PhD Program 

You need a minimum of 66 graduate credits beyond the bachelor’s degree to earn a Ph.D.:

  • 21 credits in the major area of concentration
  • 9 credits in an approved minor area
  • 6 credits in mathematics and/or quantitative methods
  • 9 credits of approved electives
  • Three credit Graduate Seminar (xxx700) is required and recommended in the first semester of your program.
  • 18 credits of doctoral thesis
  • A minimum of 33 credits (including thesis) must be completed in the PhD program at UWM
  • Transfer Credits- use the PhD Program form (only)

Course offerings and scheduling

Registration: Panther Access to Web Services (PAWS)

All UWM students register for classes using the online system, Panther Access to Web Services (PAWS). You will be assigned a registration appointment time which will be posted to your PAWS account. You may register any time after your assigned start time. Information about registration, PAWS, tuition, deadlines, class times, and other administrative regulations can be found in the UWM Schedule of Classes.

Transfer of Graduate Credit:

  • The school granting original credit must be a regionally accredited institution.
  • M.S. Students Only: No more than 40% (max 12 credits) of the total number of degree credits is allowed to transfer to UWM.
  • Ph.D. Students Only: A maximum of 33 credits can be considered for transfer credits from prior graduate work including a master’s degree earned at UWM or elsewhere provided the course work taken falls within the appropriate areas. Students entering the program without prior applicable master’s degree will be limited to a total maximum transfer of 9 credits for courses taken elsewhere.
  • The equivalent grade of a B or better must have been earned.
  • The courses must have been taken within five years prior to admission to the UWM Graduate School.
  • Courses taken as an undergraduate special student cannot be transferred to a graduate degree program.
  • Courses will not be transferred until one semester of graduate work is completed at UWM.

Response time can range from two to eight weeks so be sure to submit your request early. You will be notified by email to the decision.

Graduation Time Limits and Requirements

  • Doctoral milestones information for graduation found here.
  • MS requirements and graduation information found here.
  • Committee should be formed at the beginning of the semester the student plans to graduate.
  • A minimum of ten days prior to the defense, the student should submit request for Thesis Defense form with appropriate signatures, date, time and location of the defense and Thesis title.
  • The same requirements apply for MS Non-Thesis/reviewed by committee.
  • All NR (Not Reported) grades and “I” (Incomplete) must be cleared before the student graduates.

9. How do I get funding/ financial aid?
Although admission does not guarantee funding or financial aid, top students may be considered for attractive fellowship and/or assistantship packages. In addition, all students are encouraged to apply for any and all types of financial aid as explained below. You do not need to secure a faculty advisor before you can apply for an Assistantship; a faculty advisor is assigned to each admitted student based on their interests and reason statement, but you are free to contact faculty in advance.

10. How do I defer admission?
Students may defer admission up to two semesters without completing a new application. If a student would like to defer, they may e-mail the College of Engineering and Applied Science Graduate Programs office at: ceas-graduate@uwm.edu

11. How do I apply to be a Teaching Assistant?
Click on the following links for TA applications


Civil & Environmental

Computer Science


Industrial & Manufacturing

Please contact Department Chair, Nidal Abu-Zahra directly via email. nidal@uwm.edu