Fall 2017 Commencement Honors List

Congratulations to the following College of Engineering & Applied Science students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above, based on a minimum of 40 graded UWM credits earned prior to their final semester. They received all-university commencement honors and were awarded the traditional gold cord at the December Honors Convocation.

Adeniyi, Moranuoluwa
Anderson, Carrie
Bialk, Nicholas
Bostian, Anna
Brownell, Nicolas
Buehrig, Rylie
Burrie, Paul
Byrum, Kendra
Colorito, Charlotte
Fassbender, Samuel
Fox, Jennifer
Gardner, Samuel
Goodman, Andrew
Gudex, Jacob
Haensgen, Tyler
Hawi, Lianna
Hennes, Jerid
Hessel, Noah
Ish-Shalom, Michael
Jensen, Patrick
Karis, Jared
Karsseboom, Jacob
Keleny, Garrett
Kocol, Philip
Krowsky, Katherine
Kuenn, Gabriel
Marx, David
Menden, Jason
Missiaen, Garrett
Mortimer, John
Roche, Emily
Rooney, Timothy
Sarandos, Andrew
Thompson, Andrew
Trofka, Clint
Van Eyck, Colin