Elhajjar, Law Published in Progress in Material Science

Congratulations to Rani Elhajjar, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Chiu-Tai Law, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, whose article “Magnetostrictive polymer composites: Recent advances in materials, structures and properties” was published in Progress in Material Science.  The journal features authoritative and critical reviews of recent advances in materials science; Its five-year impact factor of 35.9 is one of the highest in materials science and is a measure of the prestige and international visibility of this work.

Elhajjar’s and Law’s paper addresses the unique ability of magnetostrictive polymer composites to simultaneously change dimensions and electromagnetic properties under the presence of magnetic fields that is the manifestation of the exchange in mechanical and magnetic energies. This behavior opens a wide range of applications including: damage detection in historic bridges, vibration damping of buildings during earthquakes, fault detection in power grid and stimulating cell growth for biomedical research.

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Chiu-Tai Law

Rani Elhajjar