Study Abroad

Are you looking for a way to diversify your learning experiences? If so, then study abroad might be a great option for you. Students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science are able to participate in both long-term and short-term opportunities.

Short-term options

Germany in the Winterim: Program runs the entire UWinterim term

Imagine studying engineering in Germany! This unique English-language program features lectures by professors from Kassel University. The seminar will focus on the important issues of climate policy and renewable energy resources, specifically: solar-thermal, wind energy, biomass, and photovoltaics. The program includes visits to local German renewable energy sites and companies as well as other field trips. As part of the three credits earned for the course, students will be required to complete a cumulative exam while in Germany, compile a journal and complete a brief presentation upon return to UWM.

Students live with German families and are provided with two meals a day. In addition, UWM students will be partnered with Kassel students to increase the value of the experience and assist with the German appreciation course which is also a part of the experience. Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity to earn academic credit while exploring one of Germany’s most attractive regions- the state of Hessen.

Application deadline for this program is typically October 1st.

To begin the application process, please schedule an appointment with Sharon Kaempfer at 414-229-4667.

Taiwan in the Summer ( 2 options)

Programs run for three weeks in July

Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU)

This unique program is hosted by the Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), a private university located in northern Taiwan. Participating students from the United States (UWM, Iowa State, Pittsburgh State, and Wright State) will spend three weeks studying and learning together with students from South East University in China and CYCU. The program includes lectures, group projects, and field trips to high-tech factories in Taiwan. Also included are sightseeing and Chinese cultural excursions.

Feng Chia University (FCU)
This program, hosted at Feng Chia University (FCU), offers an introduction to Taiwanese culture, Chinese language, and technology management (for non-business majors). Lectures will focus on: Chinese language; enterprise value chain and technology management; R&D project management; creative product development; e-commerce; and innovative management strategies. The program will also include field trips to featured companies in the Central Taiwan Science Park. Program participants, hailing from universities around the world, will take classes and learn together.

Application deadline for these programs is typically March 15th.

To begin the application process please schedule an appointment with Tina Current, 414-229-2203.

Other Study-Abroad Options

Other long-term and short-term options can be explored by scheduling an appointment with Sharon Kaempfer, Academic Advisor and also by visiting the Center for International Education.