Computer Labs Technical Questions

The labs are generally open 24/7, how will I know when a lab/system downtime is planned?

Planned down time will be posted in the system messages and appear in the dialog box that appears when logging into a Windows PC or in the root window of a lab X-terminal.
I forgotten my password what can I do?
Stop by one of the CEAS IT staff offices in E384B, E384D or 811 and your password can be reset. Because the system uses encrypted passwords, there is no way for us to tell you what your password is should you forget it.
When I single click on my I: drive icon I see a capacity of over 60 gigabytes. Do I really have that much disk space?
Unfortunately, no. This is one drawback to our mixed Windows/Unix environment. To find out how much disk space you are using:
Open I: drive folder
Choose Edit option
Choose Select All option
Right click in folder and choose properties option, a summary of the disk space you've used should appear.

Alternatively, you can log into on of the system UNIX hosts (i.e., wolffe or miller) and use the quota -v command to see your current disk usage.
I've heard storing all our files on our desktop is not recommended, why?
This is true. It is because your desktop information is stored in your network home directory. You will see reduced performance if you store all your files on the desktop as any changes to your files will require a refresh across the network.
I sometimes have problems mailing files I've created on the CEAS network, what can I do?
Try sending the file in a zipped (compressed) format. This will help when the file is very large or created by one of the high end CAD (Pro/E) or analysis packages.
Can I plug my laptop into one of the open network jacks in the CEAS labs?
Sorry, no. The licensing agreements for many of the software packages installed on the CEAS network do not allow this.
You can plug a laptop into an open network jack in the EMS classrooms. The E190 and E295 classrooms have jacks at each seat.
My student ID allowed me access to the building and CEAS computer labs last semester, why did it stop working?
The databases for the door entry system are generated and updated using enrollment data for the current semester. If you are not enrolled in an engineering or computer science course in a given semester, you will not have access to the building or computer labs.
If you should have access to the building and labs, contact the CEAS IT staff, it could either be a discrepancy in the data we recieve from the PAWS system or your ID may have gone bad.
When running an application I sporatically get a memory error message, what should I do?
Save your work and restart the computer! When the PC's memory becomes corrupted, you will almost always continue to have problems. If the program consistently fails be sure to let the CEAS IT staff know about the problem.
A CD came with my textbook, can I install and run this software on the lab PC's?
Unfortunately no. If your course instructor expects you to use the software for classwork, have your instructor contact the CEAS IT staff. We can tell the instructor the proper procedure for obtaining permission to load the software on the network and have the program installed on all the CEAS lab PC's.
Can I use my own paper in the CEAS lab printers?
No. Special heavy weight resume or watermarked papers regularly cause printer jams. The wrong type of transparency film can actually damage the printer. Preventing students from loading the wrong type of media into the printers is one of the main reasons the CEAS lab printers are in cages
I need assistance after hours and on weekends, what can I do?
Your best bet is to send an email to the Perez reflector. This reflector will send your request to all the CEAS IT staff, ensuring the promptest possible action.
I'm having trouble starting X-Windows in E270, what can I do?
Most commonly this is caused by having the wrong permissions on your .xsession file. To check for this problem:

Telnet or ssh to the appropriate UNIX host (i.e. miller or wolffe)
Enter the command ls -al .xsession, if you see something like:
-rw-r--r-- 1 dan staff 6 Jan 28 10:31 .xsession

The permissions are wrong, to correct them:
Execute the command chmod 744 .xsession

Where can I find more information on using the vi and emacs editors?

Use the UNIX man (manual) pages, by executing the command man vi or man emacs. We are currenlty working on compiling a web page of the most common vi and emacs commands.
How do I map my project folder as a drive under Windows?
There are two different methods to map a drive:

To map the drive for the current working session, follow these steps:
Double click on My Network Places.
Double click on Entire Network in the Other Places window
Double click on Microsoft Windows Network icon
Double click on CEAS icon
Double click on Samba 2.2.1a (walt) icon.
Right click on your project folder and choose the Map Network Drive option

Alternatively, you can create a batch file that will map the drive for you. To do this simply use notepad or edit from a command prompt to create a batch file with the single line:
net use drive_letter: \\users-50\project_folder /user:course_account

drive_letter is a drive letter other than A, B, C, D, E, Q, R, or S as they are already used by lab systems
project_folder is the name of your group project folder
course_account is your course account login

You can then map the project folder by double clicking on the icon for this batch file.