CompSci BA student Reid Pezewski’s group wins first place in national innovation competition

Congratulations to UWM student Reid Pezewski, a senior pursuing a BA in computer science and a BBA in finance. Pezewski was part of a three-person team of college students (all from the Milwaukee area) to win first place in an innovation competition held by the financial technology firm FIS this summer. Their project allows users to easily access information aggregated from government and nonprofit websites related to financial literacy.

FIS’ InnovateIN48 Student Edition tasked participants from 19 universities across the country with creating digital solutions to improve financial inclusion among underserved communities. Winners were announced Dec. 16. More information about the competition and finalists can be found here.

UWM’s BA in Computer Science helps students combine in-demand computer science skills with another major or two minors and opens the door to more career opportunities, says Susan McRoy, professor, computer science and chair of UWM’s Computer Science Department. The major is ideal for students with diverse interests including finance, public health and animation. 

Cybersecurity concerns and cryptocurrencies are two reasons Pezewski says he is glad he has added computer science experience to his business education.

“Computer science experience has been an advantage in financial technology,” he says. “Now it’s becoming more useful in investment management as cybersecurity becomes a bigger concern among financial institutions and professionals, and as electronic-born investments such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens become more mainstream.”

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FlS holds an annual FIS InnovateIN48 competition to spur new technologies in payments, banking and investing.