College team named Smart Cities finalist

A team from the College of Engineering & Applied Science was one of the 12 winners (from an initial pool of 352) in the final round of Foxconn’s Smart Cities-Smart Futures competitionCongratulations to: team leader Zihao Jin, graduate student, civil engineering; faculty advisor Jie Yu,assistant professor, civil & environmental engineering; Shamsi Trisha, Zhong Liu,both civil engineering graduate students; Xinyu Liu,visiting PhD student, civil engineering; and John December(’91 MS Computer Science).

The team was the sole winner in the contest’s IoT (Internet of Things) category and the only UWM team named as a finalist.

Click for 2-minute video on their presentation Smart mobility, smart campus.

From left to right: Zhong Liu, Shamsi Thrisha, Zihao Jin, Jie Yu, John December, Xinyu Liu