2016 Annual Student Research
Poster Competition


Given our recent elite R1 designation, the highest rating for a research institution from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, it’s no surprise that this gold standard is reflected in the student research being presented at this year’s poster competition. About 90 professional engineers judges will hear graduates and undergraduates present exciting research with titles such as:

  • Beneficial use of Lake Michigan dredged materials in fly ash based geopolymer concrete
  • Development and verification of an intelligent sensor for roadway and bridge surface condition assessments
  • A stochastic model for variations in blood glucose levels
  • Locating urban busstops based on aggregated cellular data and the open GIS tool
  • Health Technology: Towards a New Mobile Application for Caregivers of the Elderly Living with Chronic Conditions

Considering the real-world impact of our students’ work with faculty, we have high expectations for their research. Past Research Poster Competition winners include Brady Moe whose work on aerial drones was used to track sturgeon in Lake Michigan and Tau Beta Laureate Erika Pliner for her work on ladder safety.

Check out last year’s video for a glimpse of what to expect this year.

Cash Prizes for Students

Over $4,000 from GE Healthcare will be awarded to 14 entries! Each prize is awarded to undergraduate and graduate entries.

  • First Place $1,000
  • Second Place $500
  • Third Place $250
  • Honorable Mentions, three each $100
  • Student Choice $100

For more information, contact Wendy Pero (pero@uwm.edu).

Sponsored by GE Healthcare and Eaton