Corporate Partnerships: Engineering Synergy

UWM’s trusted relationships with companies benefit the entire community. Faculty and students offer valuable services and research, while corporate contributions support the college’s operations. The investment results in technological breakthroughs, exciting outcomes and a gateway to outstanding employees.


ANSYS Institute for Industrial InnovationThe ANSYS Institute for Industrial Innovation provides engineering students with hands-on experience and opportunities to develop innovative design solutions for industry-sponsored projects centered on healthcare, advanced manufacturing, biomedical engineering, and freshwater sciences.
GE HealthcareGE Healthcare is a featured sponsor for UWM's Advanced Computational Imaging program that develops technology-specific coursework in specialized software development, provides research funding and supports collaborative projects related to image and signal processing for medical technology.
The Johnson Controls Energy Advancement Center (EAC) Showcase and Research Laboratory provides dedicated space to conduct research, enhance curriculum and accelerate development of next-generation chemistry and technologies for energy storage.