Brand Cheng, CEO, Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii)

Brand Cheng, CEO and board member of Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii), is the former general manager of Foxconn Technology Group and member of the board of directors of Ambit Microsystems (Shanghai). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Since joining Foxconn Technology Group in April 2004, he has been responsible for research and development, manufacturing, and business development of Cloud, Network and Communications, and Technology Solutions and Services. Fii has maintained a 30%+ global market share and generated $60 billion annual revenue in network and cloud solutions under Cheng’s leadership. He has also been a key force in the establishment and early development of Fii’s industrial internet platform, fueling the company’s transformation to smart manufacturing.

He plays a major role in the implementation of Fii’s technology roadmap, in the use of cloud computing, mobile terminal, IoT (Internet of Things), big data, AI, network and robotics, to transform manufacturing business into smart manufacturing, and in directing Fii’s comprehensive portfolio in advanced technologies such as 5G, 8K, and industrial AI.

Cheng is also responsible for setting corporate social responsibility standards. These help to achieve new objectives in “high efficiency and low emission” manufacturing and promote the use of clean technologies and innovations for use in smart city deployments that endeavor to improve human well-being, both locally and globally.

His talk, titled Foxconn’s Mission in Wisconsin–Bring in Advanced Manufacturing, will include the following highlights:

  • AI + 5G + Automation: technology’s role & Impact
  • “Lighthouse” factories are implementing advanced manufacturing and AI-driven technology, McKinsey & Company
  • “Worry Free Manufacturing” and ways to implement it through the Industrial Internet
  • R&D in 5G and Industrial AI
  • Industrial AI Competition on campus
  • Partnerships: Academies + Industries + Communities


富士康工业互联网股份有限公司(Fii)董事、首席执行官, 曾任鸿海富士康科技集团总经理、国基电子(上海) 有限公司董事,电子工程学士。自2004年4月起进入集团,先后负责云、网通、訊设备及整体解决方案业务的研发、制造及销售,并带领富士康在云设备及网络通訊设备, 两个细分市场的全球市场份额分别超过了30%和40%, 缔造了2018年約600亿美金的年營业额, 並夯实了集团智能化转型升级的基础。