Advanced Analysis Facility Helps Industry Solve Materials Problems of Any Size

With one foot in industry and the other in the college, Ben Church embodies the benefits to industry of being in close proximity to an R1 urban research university.

“One hundred percent of my research activities are in collaboration with industry partners,” says Church, Associate Professor, Materials Science.

Church is a human bridge, linking the college’s research in advanced materials sciences with the community. Because he has years of successful industry experience and remains very connected to it, he is the ideal person to head the college’s Advanced Analysis Facility (AAF).

The AAF houses highly-specialized instrumentation for materials research and serves as an equipment resource for UWM researchers and local industrial partners. “We work with companies directly to help them solve problems related to materials,” Church says. “We are more than an outside lab helping industry—we partner with people and work collaboratively. In this way, we are an adjunct arm to our partners.”

For those unfamiliar with AAF, Church shares these points:

Companies can partner with AAF on short-term projects.

While AAF can partner with companies on long-term projects, the facility is designed to also assist on short-term and targeted projects, even those as small as one or two samples. “Coming from industry, I understand when industry partners are looking for answers and actionable advice,” Church says

All full-time AAF staff members are Ph.D.-level scientists.

AAF staff offers clients far-ranging expertise in materials families and advanced characterization techniques.

New clients always welcome.

AAF is always looking for new ways to interact with companies and to help them with production issues and materials development issues– including those that are urgent and highly focused. If you’re not sure how or if AAF can help, simply contact Church for more information. AAF is a very personable service.

To contact Ben Church, or to learn more about working with the Advanced Analysis Facility: or 414-229-2825.