Accelerated Master’s Degree Program Description

To encourage outstanding undergraduate engineering and computer science students to continue their studies toward an advanced degree, the College of Engineering & Applied Science allows qualified students to begin their master’s degree course work in their senior year. Students admitted to the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program take six graduate credits as part of the BS degree requirements.

The Accelerated Program (formerly known as the Integrated BS-MS) offers three principle advantages over the standard MS Program:

  1. Less time – total graduate credits are reduced by six.
  2. Lower cost – pay undergraduate tuition instead of graduate tuition for the first six credits.
  3. No GRE – students admitted to the Accelerated Program are not required to take the GRE exam for admission to the Graduate School.

Admission Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in the undergraduate computer science or engineering program
  • 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Approximately 36 credits or less remaining for BS degree
  • Faculty approval from the respective engineering or computer science department

Application Process

  1. Start by meeting with your undergraduate academic advisor to determine your eligibility. Ideally, you should meet with your advisor in the 2nd semester of your junior year and start graduate courses in your senior year.
  2. Meet with a faculty advisor in your department to discuss the Accelerated Master’s Program of Study (Forms are available at the links below or in EMS E386 or E379). You must be admitted to the Accelerated Master’s Program prior to the start of your final undergraduate semester.
  3. Submit the proposed Accelerated Master’s program of study to the College of Engineering & Applied Science Graduate Programs Office (EMS E379).
  4. If your program of study is approved, register for two graduate-level courses (six credits) in your senior year. If a course has U/G status, you must follow the syllabus and grading scale designated for graduate students. NOTE: In order to earn graduate credit for these courses, you must receive a grade of “B” or better.
  5. At the beginning of your last undergraduate semester, you need to formally apply to the Graduate School. If it is your intention to start the Master’s immediately after graduation it is recommended that you apply by September 1 to begin in spring or April 1 for fall.

Once admitted to the Accelerated Master’s, you are required to meet the academic standards of the Graduate School. See the Graduate School policies and procedures.

Accelerated Master’s Program

Contact Information

UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science

Graduate Programs & Research Office

Location: EMS E379

Phone: 414-229-6169 (Engineering) or 414-229-7267 (Computer Science)