Graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers programs leading to Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Course offerings cover a broad spectrum of areas within mechanical engineering. Highlighted by an accomplished international faculty with widely published basic and applied research, graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering can be broadly focused while specifically structured to each graduate student’s needs. The Department serves diverse graduate degree candidates including many who work full time in industry/business in Southeastern Wisconsin. Full-time graduate students are eligible for support as research or teaching assistants. Graduate students can also apply for Graduate School Fellowships. Graduate intern opportunities are also available.


The Department has a number of widely recognized research strengths. Some recent basic and applied topics are:

  • Employment of Advanced Synthetic Lubricants in Industrial Air Compressors
  • Field Tests of Electro-Osmotic Technology to Reduce Gas Entry
  • Interaction Analysis and Control for Multivariable Systems
  • Interfacial Transport in Two-Phase Systems
  • Investigation of Efficient Mass Transfer Systems for Carbon Dioxide Into Water
  • Modeling Harley Davidson Engine Mounts
  • Monitoring and Enhancing the Performance Systems Through the World Wide Web
  • Path Cognates of Planar Linkages
  • Nuclear Safety and Electronic Cooling
  • Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Turbomachinery
  • Use of Thin Porous Coatings to Enhance Heat Transfer
  • Utilization of Electro-Osmotic Technology to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Research Centers and Laboratories

  • Boiling Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • CAD/CAM Laboratory
  • Center for Alternative Fuels
  • Combustion Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Electro-Osmotic Technology Laboratory
  • Energy Conversion Efficiency Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Fuel Cell Combustion Laboratory
  • Polymer Processing Laboratory
  • Porous Media Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Radon Reduction Technology Laboratory
  • Solidification Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Thermal Radiation Laboratory
  • Two-Phase Flow Laboratory

Apply on-line:

Contact us at or 414-229-6169 for more information.