Graduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee lead to master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Course offerings cover a broad spectrum of areas within Materials. Highlighted by an accomplished international faculty with widely published basic and applied research, graduate studies in Materials can be broadly focused while specifically structured to each graduate student’s needs.

The department serves diverse graduate degree candidates, including many who work full-time in industry and business in southeastern Wisconsin. Full-time graduate students are eligible for support as research or teaching assistants. Graduate students can also apply for Graduate School Fellowships. Graduate intern opportunities are also available.


The department has a number of widely recognized research strengths. Some recent basic and applied titles include:

  • Computational Modeling of Material Structure, Properties, and Performance
  • Environmental Degradation of Engineering Materials Including Biocompatibility of Bio-Implants
  • Mechanical Properties Structure Correlation for Commercial Specification of Cast Particulate Metal Matrix Composites
  • Thermal Management of Reinforcement for Novel Microstructures and Interfaces in Cast Metal Matrix Composites
  • Materials for Energy Storage
  • Advanced Materials Characterization

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For more information, contact us at or 414-229-6169.