The Department has a number of widely recognized research strengths. Recent basic and applied titles in each of the areas are:

  • A Linear Programming-Based Method for Determining Whether or not In-Demand Points are on a Hemisphere
  • A Methodology for Location Control of a Multivariate Gaussian Process
  • A Methodology for Quality Design and Development of High Technology Products
  • A Stage-Wise Decision Making for the Capacity Planning and Control of Telecommunications Switching System
  • On Multivariate Modeling for Selective Assembly of High-Precision Parts
  • Smart Infotronics and Intelligent E-Maintenance Systems
  • Weighted Average Distance Results for Regions With Pockets/Zones of Demand
  • Applications of Biomechanics for Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Short-Cycle Overhead Work and Shoulder Girdle Muscle Fatigue

Research Centers and Laboratories

  • Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Center
  • Ergonomics Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Prevention of Injuries to Health Care Workers
  • Center for Ergonomics

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We are members of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.