Brian Armstrong; Ph.D. Stanford University: Image metrology; image-based motion analysis for biomedical applications. 414-229-6916 or

  • Recent Project: Retrograte-based single camera 3-D motion tracking for real-time adaptive imaging and spectroscopy.

Robert Cuzner; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison: Power conversion topologies for low voltage and medium voltage, medium to high power systems; integration of wide band gap semiconductors into power electronic systems; microgrid fault protection; dc distribution systems; multi-objective optimization.

  • Recent Project: Virtual prototyping of medium voltage power converters using silicon Carbide MOSFET based building blocks

George Hanson; Ph.D. Michigan State University: Electromagnetic interactions in nanostructures, topological photonics, and quantum optics. 414-229-3885 or

  • Recent Project: Magnetic-Field-Free Magneto-Optics and Chiral Plasmonics with Dirac Materials

Hossein Hosseini; Ph.D. University of Iowa: Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Embedded Systems, Fault-Tolerance, Distributed and Parallel systems, 414-229-5184 or

Yi Hu; Ph.D. University of Texas at Dallas: Auditory prosthesis, hearing aids, machine learning, and signal processing. 414-229-6351 or

  • Recent project: Noise suppression for cochlear implants, open platform for hearing aids signal processing, effects of high-rate pulse trains on fine structure and envelope channel encoding with the med-el cochlear implant.

Nikolai Kouklin; Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Multifunctional nano-opto-electronic and bio- materials/interfaces; nano-fabrication/processing/self-assembly; nano-scale effects and device physics. 414-229-4679 or

  • Recent Project: Carbon nanotube photovoltaics; 2D Cd3As2 crystals for ultra-fast infrared photodetectors.

Chiu-Tai Law; Ph.D. Purdue University: Optical communication, nonlinear optical devices, wave propagation, optical and magnetic sensors, magnetostrictive materials and their composites. 414-229-6203 or

  • Recent Project: Magnetostrictive Smart Composites for Fused Deposition 3D-Printing.

Devendra Misra; Ph.D. Michigan State University: Microwave circuits and measurements, electromagnetics, telecommunication systems, electronic sensors and instrumentation. 414-229-3327 or

Adel Nasiri; Ph.D. Illinois Institute of Technology: Power electronics, energy conversion, microgrids, distributed generations, grid integration. 414-229-4955 or

  • Recent Project: A Distributed Autonomous Control Concept and Architecture for Microgrids.

Ramin Pashaie; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania: Electronics, electromagnetics, optics and photonics, signal processing and their applications in neuroscience. 414-229-2273 or

  • Recent Projects: Design and realization of optoelectronic systems for optogenetics, brain modeling and neuromorphic engineering, design and realization of new medical imaging systems.

Mahsa Ranji; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania: Biophotonics, biomedical instrumentation; fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging; noninvasive tissue diagnostics; optics and electromagnetics. 414-229-5889 or

  • Recent Project: Design optical imaging and spectroscopy tools to study human diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. Biophotonics lab regularly collaborates with Medical College of Wisconsin and UW-Madison clinicians and scientists.

Lingfeng Wang; Ph.D. Texas A&M University: Electric power systems, grid-connected power electronic systems, renewable energy integration, smart grid technologies, cyber security, cyber-physical systems, water-energy nexus, critical infrastructure protection. 414-229-6884 or

  • Recent projects: Developing Effective Strategies for Enhancing Power System Resiliency in the Presence of Cyber-Physical Attacks; An Actuarial Framework of Cyber Risk Management for Power Grids.

Weizhong Wang; Ph.D. University of Maryland College Park: FPGA based power efficient algorithm implementation, Device security and anti-tampering, 414-229-2247 or

  • Recent Project: Magnetic content addressable memory.

David Yu; Ph.D. University of Oklahoma: Artificial neural network applications in power systems, power distribution system analysis, distributed generation, energy storage, and renewable energy. 414-229-5889 or

  • Recent Project: Probabilistic load flow model for high wind penetrated power systems.

Jun Zhang; Ph.D. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: machine learning, signal/image processing/computer vision. 414-229-4246 or

  • Recent Project: machine learning for image prediction, X-ray image scatter reduction, machine learning applied to medical data analysis.