The study of power electronics and electric motor drives entails processing of electric power for a variety of uses. Applications range in size from a few watts to megawatts. Examples include computer disk drives, variable speed drills, lamp dimmers, electric vehicles, industrial machine tools, and Naval ship propulsion.

The study of power systems concerns every step in the process of generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy. The electrical engineer who works in the power industry will encounter challenging problems designing future power systems to deliver increasing amounts of electrical energy in a reliable, clean, and economical manner.

Using EE 362 (Energy Conversion) as a basis, this track focuses on power systems, power conversion, and motor drives. The study of system control is also pertinent to this track.

Suggested courses:

EE 471 Electric Power Systems
EE 474 Introduction to Control Systems
EE 572 Power Electronics
EE 574 Intermediate Control Systems
EE 575 Analysis of Electric Machines and Motor Drives