Nanotechnology refers to any technology that utilizes objects or devices having sizes on the order of a nanometer (a billionth of a meter). With ever decreasing device sizes and the strong promise for continued improvements, nanotechnology is expected to play a vital role in everyday life as devices move from the research laboratory to the commercial market. Particularly important areas are projected to be nano-materials, nano-electronics, bio-nanotechnology, and nano-photonics. To develop nanotechnology, scientists and engineers need to understand, and be able to implement, working principles of nanoscale systems. The courses listed below are intended to provide an introduction to the fundamentals necessary to work in this emerging area.

Suggested courses:

EE 482 Introduction to Nanoelectronics
EE 588 Introduction to Nanotechnology
Matl 481 Electronic Materials
Phys 309 Physics III: Modern Physics
Phys 409 Quantum Physics Laboratory
Phys 441 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I