Communication concerns the reliable transmission of information in analog or digital form over various wired and wireless channels. Signal processing concerns the transformation of signals of interest into more desired forms. It also concerns the extraction of useful information from observed signals. Communication and signal processing are closely related fields that are at the cutting edge of technology. Their applications can be found in wireless communication, computer networks, speech recognition, multimedia, computer vision, medical imaging, as well as many fields.

Courses in this track provide an introduction and foundation for the fundamental theory and techniques in communication and signal processing. This include probability and random processes, analog and digital communication, digital signal processing, and their applications.

Suggested courses:

EE 410 Principles of Discrete Systems & Digital Signal Processing
EE 421 Communication systems
EE 429 Wireless Communication Systems
EE 465 Broadband Optical Networks
EE 562 Telecommunication Circuits
EE 565 Optical Communications