Year 2013-2014

Replace 55 computers in Computer Labs EMS E270 & w173CAE$67,778
Adding iOS development to Computer Science facilitiesComputer Science$34,643
Computer Networks LaboratoryComputer Science$6,579
Renewable Energy Lab Electrical Engineering$46,875
Electrical Engineering Teaching LaboratoryElectrical Engineering$4,325
Offering of two Graduate CoursesGraduate$25,000
Enhanced Experiential LearningIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering$7,540
Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor (ILMM)Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering$25,120
Vented Extruder Barrel and Metering Screw Materials Science & Engineering$26,940
Furnaces for heat treatmentMaterials Science & Engineering$3,704
Potentiostat for Corrosion Experiments in 201 and 411 labsMaterials Science & Engineering$16,064
Improving the Mechanical Engineering Experimentation LabsMechanical Engineering$25,814
Water ChannelMechanical Engineering$13,328
Establishing an Open 3-D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Lab Mechanical Engineering$3,000
Mechatronics Lab Project Support and Maintenance Mechanical Engineering$6,000
CFD software for undergraduate courses Mechanical Engineering$1,905
Third Floor Computer Lab RenovationStudent Services$155,500

Year 2012-2013

Updated Computer Labs EMS E285 & E384CAE$84,048
Creep, Fatigue and Fracture of Engineered Materials and Structures
Computer Networks LaboratoryComputer Science$800
Software Engineering LaboratoryComputer Science$3,800
Programming Android Mobile DevicesElectrical Engineering$4,200
Electrical Engineering Lab Supplies and PC Image ServerElectrical Engineering$4,600
Mobile Classroom Optical LaboratoryElectrical Engineering$15,123
Offering of four Graduate CoursesGraduate$50,000
Upgrading ProModel Simulation SoftwareIndustrial Engineering$720
Optical Microscope with Enhanced Viewing CapabilitiesMaterials Science & Engineering$32,147
Extensometer for Improved Mechanical Testing of MaterialsMaterials Science & Engineering$2,400
CNC Milling MachineMachine Shop$67,845
CCM software for undergraduate coursesMechanical Engineering$1,905
Improving the Mechatronics Lab SpaceMechanical Engineering$14,179
Improving the Mechanical Engineering Experimentation (ME438) LaboratoryMechanical Engineering$44,570
Mechanical Engineering 1XX ConsumablesMechanical Engineering$1,500
Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) SystemMechanical Engineering$31,050

Year 2011-2012

Replacement for Computer Science Compute MachinesCAE$48,000
Replacement of Ghost Server MachineCAE$5,500
Upgrade for DriveShield Data Protection Program
Analysis and Design Software for Design of StructuresCivil & Environmental Engineering$16,025
Engineering Surveying, Expand Inventory of Equipment
Civil & Environmental Engineering$41,129
Water Resources Engineering Software
Civil & Environmental Engineering$10,000
Software Acquisition for Computer Based Engineering AnalysisCivil & Environmental Engineering$5,211
Capstone and Software Engineering LaboratoryComputer Science$6,000
E203 Lab Computers and Power SuppliesElectrical Engineering$12,132
Establishing an Optogenetic Laboratory and/or Intro Biomedical Optics, Interm Optics & Electromagnetic LabsElectrical Engineering$35,000
Electrical Engineering Lab Supplies and ConsumablesElectrical Engineering$4,925
Programming Android Mobile DevicesElectrical Engineering$11,200
PCR Lab Experiments for Electrical Engineering 438 BioanalyticsElectrical Engineering$4,045
Offering of four Graduate CoursesGraduate$40,000
Differential Scanning CalorimetryMaterials Science & Engineering$48,845
CES EduPack Material Selection Software or Metallurgical MicroscopeMaterials Science & Engineering$30,900
Optical Stereoscope for Fractography and Material InspectionMaterials Science & Engineering$8,100
Abrasive Wet Cut-off Saw for SectioningMaterials Science & Engineering$11,900
Controls System Lab ModernizationMechanical Engineering$45,319
Instituting a Common Core Project for MechEng 479Mechanical Engineering$23,832
Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory EquipmentMechanical Engineering$9,400
CCM and Mathematica SoftwareMechanical Engineering$5,388
Rapid Prototyping MachineMechanical Engineering$35,335

Year 2010-2011

CNC LatheAdmin$5,942
EMG E256 PC ReplacementCAE$31,072
High Temperature Equipment for Metal Testing Laboratory Experiment in CE 303Civil & Environmental Engineering$18,575
Computer Networks Laboratory,
Capstone and Software Engineering Laboratory
Computer Science$30,000
Fundamentals of Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering $21,411
Core Electrical Engineering Lab Upgrade and Maintenance Electrical Engineering $30,000
Electromechanical Energy Conversion LaboratoryElectrical Engineering $35,727
Application of Digital Signal ProcessingElectrical Engineering $5,620
Four Graduate CoursesCEAS $50,000
Upgrading ProModel Simulation SoftwareIndustrial Engineering $500
Methods, Standards and Work Design LabIndustrial Engineering $3,740
Vibratory PolisherMaterials Science & Engineering $12,483
Three-Point Bend Mechanical Test FixtureMaterials Science & Engineering $6,324
Scanning Electron MicroscopeMaterials Science & Engineering $46,500
Cradle and Mathematica SoftwareMechanical Engineering$3,000
Integrating Sustainability into Teaching of ME ExperimentationMechanical Engineering$21,650

Year 2009-2010

CNC LatheAdmin$37,180
EMS 270 PC UpgradeCAE$34,600
License Server UpgradeCAE$1,750
Disk Array Upgrade CAE$12,000
Upgrading and Restructuring of Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Civil & Environmental Engineering $75,000
Computer Networks Laboratory Computer Science $21,597
Capstone and Software Engineering Laboratory Computer Science $35,000
Electromagnetics, Fiber-Optics, and Bio-Optics Laboratory Electrical Engineering $100,000
EE Lab Supplies and Soldering Station Electrical Engineering $4,095
Printed Circuit Board Prototype Machine Electrical Engineer$10,223
Methods, Standards and Work Design Lab Industrial Engineering$3,700
Installation and Accessories for Injection Molding Machine Materials Science & Engineering $11,500
Polishing Wheels and Mounting Press for Metallography Materials Science & Engineering $38,000
Heat Treatment Ovens and Testing Machines Calibration Materials Science & Engineering $12,000
Development of ME Thermal Engineering Technology Lab Mechanical Engineering$50,000
Fluid Mechanics Lab Modernization Mechanical Engineering$25,482
Mechatronics Lab ModernizationMechanical Engineering$22,810
Fluent Software for Undergraduate CoursesMechanical Engineering$6,175

Year 2008-2009

Upgrade EMS E280 PCs CAE$29,956
Utility Software CAE$3,009
Laptop Projector Upgrade CAE$1,205
Upgrade Mechanics and Structures Laboratories Civi & Environmental Engineering $89,546
Sediment Transport Channel & Hydraulic Software Civi & Environmental Engineering $62,805
Computer Networks Laboratory Computer Science$20,000
Improvements to Senior Laboratory Electrical Engineering$59,700
Microprocessor Laboratory Computers Electrical Engineering$7,000
FPGA Design SystemElectrical Engineering $25,272
Namo-Technology Experiments Electrical Engineering $740
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Modernization Mechanical Engineering$26,214
Enriching Mechanical Engineering Experimentation LaboratoryMechanical Engineering$51,575
Fluent Software for Undergraduate CoursesMechanical Engineering$2,875

Year 2007-2008

CNC Milling Machine Admin$33,765
E384 Computer UpgradeCAE$54,535
Gyratory Compactor and Supporting Apparatus for Hot Mix Asphalt Civil & Environmental Engineering$30,000
Visualization Tool for Undergraduate Classes Civil & Environmental Engineering$19,480
Computer ServersComputer Science$39,460
Computer Networks LabComputer Science$15,000
High-Performance OpenGL Workstation Computer Science$4,000
Laboratory Supplies and Equipment Electrical Engineering$31,718
OrCad SoftwareElectrical Engineering$10,000
Upgrade the MAT-201 LaboratoryMaterials Science & Engineering$29,300
Polymers Synthesis and Processing LaboratoryMaterials Science & Engineering$48,450
Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryMechanical Engineering$50,000
Bring Thermodynamics into the 21st CenturyMechanical Engineering$15,000

Year 2006-2007

E285 Computer UpgradeCAE$29,200
Tape LibraryCAE$11,200
Engineering Surveying, Global Positioning SystemCivil & Environmental Engineering$14,000
Automatic Soil Compaction and Sieve AnalysisCivil & Environmental Engineering$30,000
Computer Networks LabComputer Science$20,000
Electromechanical Energy Conversion LabElectrical Engineering$74,184
Experimental Techniques in Bioimaging and BioanalyticsElectrical Engineering$4,915
Junior/Senior Lab UpgradesElectrical Engineering$11,194
Testing SpecimensIndustrial Engineering $1,000
Dial Guages and CalipersIndustrial Engineering$750
Rapid PrototypingMechanical Engineering$37,500
ME Experimentation LabMechanical Engineering$15,000

Year 2005-2006

Computer Control for Bridgeport MillAdmin$20,440
Drive Imaging SoftwareCAE$2,900
UG Mechanics and StructuresCivil & Environmental Engineering$98,500
Unix Lab Modernization Computer Science$36,000
AFS for Computer Science CoursesComputer Science$13,000
Computer Networks LabComputer Science$11,000
Junior/Senior Lab UpgradesElectrical Engineering$52,152
EE 299 SoftwareElectrical Engineering$1,500
Industrial Engineering Lab Update and EnhancementIndustrial Engineering$10,500
Plastics Processing EquipmentMaterials &Science Engineering $67,500
Mechatronics LabMechanical Engineering $17,000

Year 2004-2005

Application ServerCAE$12,500
Permeability ApparatusCivil & Environmental Engineering$10,000
Environmental EngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering$11,500
EMS E280 PCsComputer Science$35,000
Senior DesignElectrical Engineering$17,278
Controls Lab (joint with Mechanical Engineering)Electrical Engineering$9,600
Ergonomics and MethodsIndustrial Engineering$11,000
Mechanical Engineering ExperimentationMechanical Engineering$22,370