College of Engineering Differential Tuition

Since 2004, students taking classes offered by the College of Engineering & Applied Science have been paying a tuition differential. The goal of this program is to improve the college’s undergraduate teaching laboratories and infrastructure.

Starting at $5/credit in 2004 and reaching $20/credit in the fall of 2007, the college’s differential tuition has minimally increased in the subsequent decade to the current level of $21.63/credit. This program has to date raised over $1.5 million in additional revenue for the College. Differential tuition dollars have funded a wide variety of improvements within the College, ranging from computer systems to GPS surveying equipment to injection molding machines.

Each department and administrative unit within the College of Engineering & Applied Science has the opportunity to request differential tuition funds. Each proposal is evaluated by the Advisory Committee for Differential Tuition. It is this committee’s responsibility to make recommendations regarding the proposals the committee feels have the most merit. The committee has five voting members, comprised of three students and two faculty/staff from the college.

Questions regarding differential tuition within the College of Engineering should be directed to Associate Dean Ethan Munson.

Ethan Munson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean