Congratulations to Maddie Frank on 3D printing competition

Congratulations to Maddie Frank, senior, electrical engineering and 3D printing specialist at UWM’s Innovation Accelerator Prototyping Center, who along with center Director Kyle Jansson won third place last spring in the technical competition at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Users Group Education and Training Conference in St. Louis.

Their self-adjusting mechanical device – which collects all dust and chips cut on a CNC router — demonstrated how the Prototype Center is using 3D printing to solve problems. “The telescoping system is created from multiple nested parts within a single 3D print which could not be assembled otherwise,” says Jansson.

The team has filed a provisional patent with the UWM Research Foundation for the invention and method.

Undergrad gains skills, knowledge in work with Prototype Center

Frank — pictured receiving the award from the AMUG President Paul Bates–is the outreach coordinator of UWM’s IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer) student organization.

She says that the skills and knowledge she gained working at the Prototype Center during her undergraduate years were “stepping stones” to two paid internships: one with Los Angeles-based Divergent 3D, a company dedicated to reducing automobile manufacturing costs and associated environmental impact by enabling 3D printing of car pieces; and one with the digital manufacturing company Carbon 3D, located near San Francisco.

“I’ll be graduating with experience under my belt that sets me up for work in additive manufacturing, which is the area of engineering I want to pursue,” she says.

Prototype Center offers faculty subsides rates

Development and Prototyping Center services are available with subsidized rates to all College of Engineering & Applied Science faculty members. Simply call, email, or arrange a visit to the UWM Innovation Accelerator Prototyping Center to get started.

Jian Zhao, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering, recently collaborated with the center to design and create a prototype of a better concrete fastener to attach heavy metal items like street lamps to concrete. He was researching whether his idea would work better than current products, which fail more often than they should on construction sites.