12 students embark to Taiwan on international engineering co-op

Representing the commitment by the College of Engineering & Applied Science to expand the boundaries of its engineering and computer science students, 12 undergraduates began a semester-long international co-op program in Taiwan with Chung Yuan Christian University and Foxconn Technology Group in February.

The students will gain extensive and practical work experience in advanced manufacturing. For four months, they will work with industry professionals as they learn about LCD screen fabrication processes.

International experiences are increasingly important for today’s engineering students, says Brett Peters, dean, College of Engineering & Applied Science. “If you’re going to work in an international organization, these kind of experiences are becoming necessary,” he said. “We are preparing students to work in a global economy and that includes helping them become comfortable with other cultures and languages.”

The engineering and computer science students will spend five weeks at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan, studying Chinese language and culture, followed by 18 weeks at Foxconn subsidiary Innolux Corp., where they will learn about display technologies, process control, manufacturing operation, project management and applications in the consumer electronics, medical and automotive sectors.

This is Foxconn’s first international engineering co-op program.

The students’ send-off from Milwaukee was covered by local media, including the BizTimesMilwaukee Journal SentinelWISN and Fox6.

This is the college’s second international internship program. Rockwell Automation started an internship program with the college in 2016 in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.