Interested in working in MPS while earning special education certification?

Thanks to the UWM/MPS Internship Program, you can. This special program provides opportunities for post-baccalaureate special education certification students to begin teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools while still earning certification.

Interns are teachers-of-record in MPS schools, working under a Wisconsin teaching permit. Interns have full teaching responsibilities and receive a beginning teacher salary and benefits. During the internship, they have full teaching responsibilities. The internship is open to students enrolled in the Early Childhood Special Education, Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence Special Education, or the Early Adolescence to Adolescence Special Education programs.

What Our Graduates Say

Here’s what former UWM/MPS internship participants have to say about their experiences:

  • “Traveling in a cohort was very important because you come along with the same group of students. There were a lot of last-minute emails, late-night phone calls. I think teaching involves collaboration and teamwork.” — Jay-Sun Bowman, UWM/MPS Internship Participant
  • “I was finishing my degree in Education Studies and my advisor told me that I should be in the cohort because in the cohort I can work full time and get my degree.” — Pam Diaz, UWM/MPS Internship Participant


Students interested in the internship must:

  • Be accepted into one of UWM’s special education certification programs (see the Teaching and Learning website for program options).
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • Regular Education Certification at the appropriate level (ECSE, MCEA, or EAA).
    • Special education classroom experience (paraprofessional, substitute, or emergency license teacher) with high recommendations from administrators.
  • Apply to the internship.
  • Be recommended for an intern placement by the program.
  • Meet the hiring requirements for MPS.


Students who enter a post-baccalaureate program without certification or special education experience (those in the two-year program) who are interested in the UWM/MPS Internship can apply to be a pre-intern. Pre-interns work as paid paraprofessionals in carefully selected sites, teaching alongside and under the guidance of a special education teacher. Upon successful completion of the year-long pre-internship, candidates are recommended for internships in Year Two of the certification program.

How To Apply

Application and acceptance into the UWM/MPS Internship Program comes after you have applied and been accepted into one of our post-baccalaureate teacher certification programs. The following steps outline the process for the UWM/MPS Internship and Pre-Internship.

Step 1

Decide which certification program you are interested in: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence or Early Adolescence to Adolescence.

Step 2

Complete the application process for your program of choice. For more information, see our Post-Baccalaureate Special Education Teacher Certification Admissions page.

Step 3

Once you have submitted a complete application, our office will contact you for an interview. The interview is required for all of our certification programs.

Step 4

At the interview you will be asked if you are interested in the UWM/MPS Internship program. If so, and if you are accepted into the certification program, you will be sent further information about the internship program when you receive your acceptance letter to the certification program.

Step 5

Complete the required UWM/MPS Internship application materials. If accepted, you will work with the UWM/MPS Internship Coordinator to apply to MPS and secure a placement.

Note: Internships and Pre-internships are dependent on MPS hiring needs.

For More Information

Office of Student Services Advising
(414) 229-4721

Mary Stone
PLUS Program and Internship Coordinator
(414) 229-3977