School of Education Scholarships Top Last Year’s Totals

The School of Education has awarded $411,600 in scholarships to students for the upcoming academic year of 2017-2018. In total, 256 awards were made to 213 students, with some students receiving more than one award.

All undergraduate award winners received at least $1,000, according to Rob Longwell-Grice, senior academic adviser and coordinator of the scholarship committee. Overall, awards averaged out to $1930 per student.

This compares to a total of $406,110 and 197 scholarship awards last year and is a near-record for the past 13 years.

Dean Alan Shoho offered his thanks to the hardworking scholarship committee which included Rob Longwell-Grice, Liliana Mina, Hillary Vara, Jenn Busch, Candance Doerr-Stevens, Marty Sapp and Judy Winn.

“We want to also give a special thank you to all of the donors who so generously provide much-needed support to our future teachers, administrators, community educators, and school psychologists and counselors,” said Shoho.

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