About the Project

The Strong Start Math Project is a three-year collaboration of the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In this project, MPS teachers of K5-Grade 3 participate as school-based teams with the goal of strengthening their mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical strategies. Building this cadre of teachers will ensure students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 begin their mathematics journey with a strong and robust mathematical foundation on a trajectory of success as learners of mathematics.


Goal 1

Deepen teacher knowledge of mathematical concepts, connections, and progressions for teaching the Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics.

Goal 2

Strengthen use of high-leverage mathematics teaching practices and research on children’s learning of mathematics in classroom instruction.

Goal 3

Build a strong mathematical foundation by developing understanding and fluency among young learners along mathematics learning trajectories.

Summer 2016 Early Number, Operations, and Algebraic Thinking

Early Number, Operations, and Algebraic Thinking Summer 2016 – Content for Instructors


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Mathematics and Science Partnership Program, ESEA Title II, Part B, U.S. Department of Education

Project Members

Dr. DeAnn Huinker
Principal Investigator
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Gabriella Pinter
Co-Principal Investigator
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Steve Akin
Co-Principal Investigator
Milwaukee Public Schools

Peggy Kuhnz
Project Coordinator
UWM Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research

Pam Buhr
Assistant Project Coordinator
UWM Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research