About the Project

The Pathways to Teacher Leadership in Mathematics project is a three-year graduate program in mathematics education. Participants in the project deepen their mathematical knowledge of major clusters within the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics while building teacher leadership capacity in supporting excellence in mathematics teaching and learning.

Goal 1

Deepen mathematical knowledge and understanding of mathematics learning progressions.

Goal 2

Strengthen instruction through high-leverage and effective teaching practices for mathematics.

Goal 3

Implement formative assessment principles and practices to inform instruction and further student learning.

Goal 4

Develop mathematics content-focused leadership, facilitation, and coaching strategies.

2014 Summer Institute: Algebraic Reasoning

General Documents

Project Overview (PDF)

Syllabus (PDF)

PtA Teaching Practices for Mathematics (PDF)

Mathematical Representations Diagram (PDF)

CCSSM Mathematical Practices and Content Domains Diagram (PDF)

Binder Back Cover Combined Diagrams (PDF)

Session 1: June 30, 2014Session 2: July 1, 2014
Project Overview (PPT)Equality Part 2 (PPT)
CCSSM Shifts (PPT)Mathematical Representations (PPT)
Ramp Up to Algebra (PPT)Relational Thinking - Part 1 (PPT)
Equality Part 1 (PPT)
Key Shifts (PDF)
Video Transcript Gathering Moment
for Algebra (PDF)
Session 3: July 2, 2014Session 4: July 7, 2014
Relational Thinking - Part 2 (PPT)Practice Test Items (PPT)
Overview of OA Domain (PPT)Addition & Subtraction Strategies (PPT)
Video Transcript OA Domain (PDF)Inquiry Project (PPT)
Smarter Balanced Claims (PDF)
Session 5: July 8, 2014Session 6: July 9, 2014
Word Problem Structures (PPT)Multiplicative Thinking (PPT)
Additive Comparison (PPT)APA Format (PPT)
Literature Review (PPT)Homework (PPT)
Word Problem Chart (PDF)Reference List Mistakes (PDF)
Citations Mistakes (PDF)
Session 7: August 11, 2014Session 8: August 12, 2014
Session 9: August 13, 2014


Wisconsin ESEA Improving Teacher Quality Program administered by the University of Wisconsin System with ESEA Title II, Part A funds from the U.S. Department of Education.

Contact Information

Dr. DeAnn Huinker
Project Director
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Michael Steele
Project Director
Department of Curriculum & Instruction